Affinio Named as a High Performer on G2 Crowd

Affinio has been named a top Social Analytics product by Enterprise Reviewers on G2 Crowd, a peer-to-peer, business solutions review platform. Our Integrated Audience Strategy Platform has been recognized as a top performer by G2 Crowd reviewers, who consistently praise Affinio for its ease of use, time to insights, and continuous innovation.

Affinio recognized in Social Analytics based on user reviews

Affinio was considered in the Social Analytics category because of its ability to successfully identify trends, practices, and analyze real-time consumer behaviours. All products reviewed in this category enable modern day businesses to gain a greater understanding of customer desires and responsiveness.

Social Analytics… and Beyond!

Affinio is always looking to push the boundaries, and in our world, that means challenging the confines of traditional social analytics. While we share a lot of core characteristics with our fellow category companies, and are often adopted by similar product users and champions, the way we study social audiences is fundamentally different…

Our technology reveals the emotional connection between people and their interests. We quantify the qualitative side of marketing, and make passion points accessible to any marketer.

Capitalizing on Social Audiences

Brands heavily invest in developing digital brand identities and growing social audiences. Realizing the value of this investment is of utmost importance, and can account for the difference between a brand that connects with their audience, and a brand that misses the mark and loses touch.

The value of a social audience is realized through smart analysis and activation of social data. Social listening and typical social analytics is a great starting point, but unfortunately that’s all it is – a starting point. This is where our technology shakes things up.

Only 10%-20% of any given audience is active on social. The vast majority of social users are lurkers. Lurkers consume far more content than they create. They use social media as an information resource, connecting them to what they have deemed to be relevant and interesting.

Because of this trend, Affinio focuses on social network mapping rather than traditional social media listening and analytics.

Social network mapping zeros in on social interconnectivity and following behaviour. This approach captures 100% of a social audience and can reveal how an audience organically segments into interest-based communities.

Interest-based communities are groups or ‘clusters’ of social users who are psychographically connected. They share a distinct set of interests, passions, and beliefs. An advanced marketing department takes into account such psychographic divisions within any broader group of consumers, and develops marketing strategy that is attuned to these advanced insights.

Studying audiences in terms of interconnectivity and following behaviour as opposed to only mentions brings 100% of an audience into focus. This approach is liberating to marketers as it gives a more complete view of modern consumers, what makes them tick, and how to reach them.

Thank you to our Customers and the G2 Crowd Community

We are thrilled by the positive feedback and recognition coming our way from the G2 Crowd community. We can't push the boundaries in social analytics alone - we are grateful for the innovative customers we work with and learn from everyday!

Check out what some of our stellar customers have to say about Affinio:

“Literally use this tool for every client to give deeper insights into who their audience is, what characteristics they share, their social activity, and their likelihood to engage. The look-a-like audiences tool is also useful for building out a specific tribe to use in audience targeting on Twitter. Insights can apply to content marketing, social media strategy, and monitoring/listening.”

“It's unlike anything else -- easy to identify segments and their influencers. Way better than typical social listening tools!”

“Affinio compiles and displays data so as to readily reveal actionable audience insights. The platform allows one to break apart an audience into key segments, and to visualize and compare the segments. Additionally the monitoring feature is key way to track how an audience evolves over time/through the duration of a campaign. In addition, the Affinio staff is OUTSTANDING. I can not sing their praises enough.”

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